Can craft beer be too ‘Gimmicky’?

It’s too easy to forget to have a little fun with craft beer “Fried Fried Chicken Chicken,” the latest kooky beer to cross my path, reminded me about how goofy I thought Not Your Dad’s Root Beer had made the craft beer industry. Increasingly when there’s something outlandish coming down the line that feels flagrantly novel there is this sense that the craft beer industry (and its macro imitators) might be trying too hard to

Good News: Craft beer is a bad investment

No one expects CNBC to understand syllogisms, but when I see a mediocre one, it makes me prick up my ears. The one they constructed goes like this: Goldman Sachs downgraded Boston Beer and Constellation Brands*** because they say people under 35 are drinking less beer than other generations. Beer penetration dropped one percentage point, while wine and spirits remained flat. Millennials are drinking less alcohol than other generations. Therefore Millennials prefer wine to beer.

Industry leadership isn’t for Flying Dog

Flying Dog Brewing announced this week that it was leaving the Brewers Association because new rules asked brewers to take responsibility for complaints about childish naming conventions. For those of you who don’t recall, Flying Dog fought for years against the Michigan after that state’s liquor control board wouldn’t banned the brewery’s “Raging Bitch” label. Flying Dog appealed on First Amendment grounds and won. I was among those who was glad they did. It was a