Dewey Beer Company reimagines beach brewing

I thought it was busy at the Dewey Beer Company and, I guess for the uninitiated it looked that way. But there were seats to be had and no wait for tables in the Friday afternoon lull between lunch and dinner. Another way to tell there’s a lull in the action is to catch Brandon Smith, one of the partners, chatting with a beer in his hand. He and brewer Michael Reilly, who do much

Flights of fancy

My new favorite thing is the brewpub. I feel as if it’s the best way to sustain quality beer and innovation in the long run. Recently, I spoke with I guy I know about bottling. For small breweries, it is getting tougher and tougher to get shelf space. Retailers are only willing to cede so much Natural Light space to boutique beers. It’ll be like that for a long, long time. The market isn’t saturated

Fan Fiction

Groupo Modelo write-offs cost AbInBev $6 billion this year.It lost another $1 billion anyway, even with the Word Cup. This is a tinfoil hat observation, but one that’s fun to make. Like all kooky theories, it begins with demonstrable facts and descends into the gap between madness and unlikelihood. Craft beer now has 8 percent of the market and think they can make it to 20 over the next decade. Budweiser’s parent company, even bolstered by

Craft Canning Revolution?

Setting aside the 8 or 10 people who remember when beer from cans had an off flavor, the rise of craft beer in a can is probably the next bump in the craft beer market. Cans are cheaper to buy and cheaper to ship, and they hold flavor better. It is quite possible they hold flavor longer, but it’s not an experiment I’m willing to try as it means arbitrarily leaving beer un-drunk. Over the

Changing tastes

In the late 90s my uncle and I started having beer tastings. Craft beer was just catching hold in Jersey and he had some access to some really esoteric beers. To be honest, though, it mostly was about the drinking. We (for example) included Zima once because we felt as if it were important to know what it tasted like.Two beers stuck out from that period. Dead Guy Ale, by Rogue was one and the

How niche-y can you get?

Crooked Letter Brewing Co. in Ocean Springs, Miss., recentlystruck an exclusivity deal with the local casino-resort. The craft brew revolution has relied, to some extent, on the brewpub for sustainability. This makes sense, beer and food go together naturally. When done correctly, well, and efficiently, the profit margins are significant, but never sufficient unto themselves. Brewing often is a grow or die business, and to stay afloat, breweries have to secure tap handles at other