Craft Beer and the Super Bowl (Episode 160)

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This week, Shawn joins us again as we go down the rabbit hole on craft beer pairings. The Super Bowl is as much about food and beer as it is about anything else, As I point out in the column below, if your team isn’t in the game, it’s really just an excuse to get hung over on a Sunday night. For those of you who need excuses.
But in this episode, we pick out some of our favorite local beers to go with some of the more popular football stacks and talk about how disappointed we are in Chris Pratt’s lite-y-light beer commercial choice.
In the homebrew FAQ, we tackle whether it is critical to undergo a secondary fermentation on a lower alcohol beer (it’s not), and get a sense of why the secondary even matters.
Finally, we provide a cursory overview of whether craft beer is really shrinking or whether the constant yammering about it is all just a misunderstanding.
Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the Mexican Hot Chocolate beers, but we included them in the show notes in case you wanted to take a look at them.

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