Solo and Sober (Episode 158)

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No Doug or Shawn this week (one was on vacation and the other sick) but there were some cool stories I wanted to share and talk about, so I knocked out my first show. I’m on the wagon for January, so there wasn’t a beer tasting, but there was a weather report.
Thirsty as I was there are more “ums” than usual because it never occurred to me how much Doug actually talks until I had to talk through the whole show on my own. Still and all, it’s pretty good.

Show Notes and Story Links:

If you got a homebrew kit for Christmas (or just got one because) you should consider joining a homebrew club. Even if you’re just considering getting into homebrewing you should look into one. The guys and gals who brew for fun are among the coolest people around when it comes to talking beer.

Delmarva United Homebrewers

We are the Delmarva United Homebrewers. We brew, we drink, we have a lot of fun. Meetings are the second Thursday of every month at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Summer meetings are held elsewhere, unless we get an invite.

I loved this story from because it has so many great reminders and suggestions in it. Really worth a read.

How I’m Approaching Craft Beer in 2018

Recently, I was in Florida on something of a vacation and opted to take in the local beer scene for an afternoon. I went to a pub reporting 40 different beers on tap and over 300 different bottled beers. I didn’t give my choice a bit of thought. I didn’t look around.

I write a weekly column for the local paper about beer. This week I spoke with brewers about trends they would like to see and some they would like to see go away…

Russo: Beer trends on the rise and fall in 2018

CLOSE For people who aren’t immersed in it, craft beer trends can be sneaky. For example, last summer all of a sudden people seemed to be drinking a lot of sour beers in cans. It didn’t come out of nowhere, though. Trends in beer, as in any other industry, rise and fall with tastes.

I didn’t get to the next two stories, but they’re worth looking at. The first is a petition you should consider signing, especially if you live in Maryland.

I didn’t get to this one either, but the short version is that you should be careful how fast you grow. There are a lot of breweries out there with eyes bigger than their stomachs, and there’s no reason for it. Smart breweries already hire good people who work hard, It makes more sense to push them a little while you grow rather than hire people for business you don’t have yet. It just adds credence to the “Craft Beer Is Over” talk.

Summit Brewing layoffs are the first in company’s history

St. Paul’s Summit Brewing has laid off employees for the first time in its 32 years in business. Founder Mark Stutrud said a changing and crowded craft-beer industry was partially to blame for Wednesday’s layoffs, which amount to about 10 percent of the brewery’s formerly 100-person workforce.

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